NAUDO: a Master of guitar

This blog is dedicated to those wishing to get some pictures of Naudo and see other aspects of their more informal environment. TO WATCH MORE NAUDO´S VIDEOS GO TO or or

Mi foto
Lugar: Brazil



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Blogger desde venezuela ha dicho...

wao es lo maximo señor naudo quiziera tocar como usted apenas estoy aprendiendo los ciclos armonicos quisiera unos consejos para tocar mejor

24 de diciembre de 2008, 15:03  
Blogger want2learnforenjoyment ha dicho...

Hello Naudo, I know you get asked to tab your songs all the time. I love your music but this song touches my heart more than any song. Is there any way you can tab Lady in Red. Your version is the absolute best, I would be so grateful if you could tab this song the way you play in your vid. I can even donate through pay pal if you could tab this song. I just want to be able to play this song for my lover.

9 de abril de 2009, 10:05  
Blogger Voz Earl ha dicho...

Awesome job--love it!

23 de abril de 2013, 2:40  

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