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Lugar: Brazil

viernes &

Naudo's Youtube account has been permanently canceled. We appeal was dismissed by the European yutube director. Our claim used the argument that to accuse of copyright infringement for videos that are also played by other musicians in your tube, it is an injust discrimination. And that alone would justify the removal of that especific material but not closing all the account. Youtube apologized, but explained me, when they sale “youtube” to Google, it´s made a clause in which they are forced to cancel your account if any of these record labels (Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music and EMI), doing a specific request. They canceled the account forced by law.

“Summer time” was uploaded by me two year ago, then the complaint was a treacherous apology, used to closed the account. In this case the complaint came from Warner Music

Naudo had near 14.000 suscriptors and he was the leader in Spain against futbol clubs even the best televisions. That is a problem for them, cause meny people are changing their habits, and begin to spend more of his time on internet looking for new artist who choose freedom and not bound by the channel programation. I Think that someone felt annoyed because naudo was gaining too much fame, that other remaining.

Naudo was very sad, and we were exploring other ways because I think that is not possible, that his talent can not be shared by the good music lover people in the world. We consider it is an expropriation without payment of the worst dictatorship, youtube took all the Naudo´s material.

Well after spend hours looking for solutions, we decide work with another share video pages., that is not amercian, and more away of the USA music multinationals which includes much of the music that Nuado plays, and where you can talk with human person in the direction. Also because use a nice system. They will review and approve the video first before exhibited.

Juan & Naudo

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Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...

Hello Juan,

I feel the same as something you said: it is not possible that such an incredible and unique talent should not be shared with the world.

It is a hard blow as Youtube is so ahead of other video sharing websites in terms of popularity.

I think there are two reasons this has happened to Naudo in particular:
- Apart from his huge and growing popularity (as you mentioned), the ever increasing number of videos on his account must surely attract the attention.
- He is playing for an audience, therefore if can be considered professional (as opposed to someone playing in his bedroom, let's say).

Now the Google implication you mention shows one thing about Youtube, it shows a company that has given up being in control of their content, that has accepted unfairness as a normal state of affairs. That can't be a good thing for any organisation to say the least, and they should be worried for the future of their business.

It's good for you and Naudo to try to find other ways, as you do.

Wish you the best.

17 de febrero de 2009, 6:15  
Blogger Aaron Choi ha dicho...


This is really unfair for Naudo! Naudo is the best and it's very unfair that youtube has to ban the videos.
There are alot of people who appreciate Naudo's amazing talents and Naudo has alot of fans.
I will always support Naudo and thank you for your hard work bringing us the beautiful music that gives us happiness!

Wishing Naudo and Juan the best.

a fan from USA

12 de marzo de 2009, 22:12  
Blogger Worldwide Reporter ha dicho...

Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

3 de mayo de 2009, 9:03  
Blogger Worldwide Reporter ha dicho...

Es una pena pero no podemos dejar de buscar opciones para que Naudo esté siempre muy activo en Internet, estaré a vuestra disposición en caso de que necesitáis algo, con traducciones de las páginas al Portugués, con la ayuda y el trato de las imágenes y sonidos (en caso de que tengáis mucho trabajo acumulado), es decir, además de fan, tambiém me gustaría ser un colaborador, si hace falta.

Um forte abraço!

3 de mayo de 2009, 9:05  
Blogger Weaseldog ha dicho...

I'm disappointed in YouTube, but not surprised.

I look forward to hearing more of Naudo's music in whatever venue he appears in.

26 de junio de 2009, 11:37  
Blogger Bernard ha dicho...

I'm not sure I understand what happened here. Who exactly requested that your video be taken down for rights violations. YouTube has been under negotiations with artists rights organizations over performance fees for some time. A court decision in May required YouTube to pay a fee every year to ASCAP for use of it's music (I don't know if they are apealing.)

3 de julio de 2009, 10:51  
Blogger E ha dicho...

I would like to purchase a CD from Naudo. Does he have any plans on being signed or releasing his own album?

21 de julio de 2009, 6:07  
Blogger Eduardo Chaves ha dicho...

Hey Naudo, Why don't you create a account in MySpace?? You would be much more famous there...

Um fã do Brasil... vc é um orgulho para nós :D

26 de julio de 2009, 9:37  
Blogger Puck T. Smith ha dicho...

I was very disappointed to read about Naudo being kicked off of YouTube. He is one of the most talented guitarists in the world. I hope he one day releases a CD or DVD because I will happily buy it.

1 de noviembre de 2009, 0:40  
Anonymous Hudson ha dicho...

Great Naudo!!

10^10 starts!!!!

Hudson - Salvador/Bahia/Brazil

29 de noviembre de 2009, 7:17  
Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...


11 de julio de 2010, 9:10  
Blogger Gabriel Serpa ha dicho...

You should seel sheets and tabs

13 de mayo de 2011, 14:35  
Blogger Gabriel Serpa ha dicho...


13 de mayo de 2011, 14:35  
Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...

Share Naudo, share the universe

3 de julio de 2011, 18:52  
Anonymous Dave ha dicho...

Is naudo playing on 11-may? I will be in Tenerife and would love to watch!

9 de mayo de 2013, 14:23  
Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...

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