NAUDO: a Master of guitar

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Lugar: Brazil

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Naudo's Youtube account has been permanently canceled. We appeal was dismissed by the European yutube director. Our claim used the argument that to accuse of copyright infringement for videos that are also played by other musicians in your tube, it is an injust discrimination. And that alone would justify the removal of that especific material but not closing all the account. Youtube apologized, but explained me, when they sale “youtube” to Google, it´s made a clause in which they are forced to cancel your account if any of these record labels (Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music and EMI), doing a specific request. They canceled the account forced by law.

“Summer time” was uploaded by me two year ago, then the complaint was a treacherous apology, used to closed the account. In this case the complaint came from Warner Music

Naudo had near 14.000 suscriptors and he was the leader in Spain against futbol clubs even the best televisions. That is a problem for them, cause meny people are changing their habits, and begin to spend more of his time on internet looking for new artist who choose freedom and not bound by the channel programation. I Think that someone felt annoyed because naudo was gaining too much fame, that other remaining.

Naudo was very sad, and we were exploring other ways because I think that is not possible, that his talent can not be shared by the good music lover people in the world. We consider it is an expropriation without payment of the worst dictatorship, youtube took all the Naudo´s material.

Well after spend hours looking for solutions, we decide work with another share video pages., that is not amercian, and more away of the USA music multinationals which includes much of the music that Nuado plays, and where you can talk with human person in the direction. Also because use a nice system. They will review and approve the video first before exhibited.

Juan & Naudo